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Ltd., one of the brands produced by Guangdong Jinbang, Jinbang's main products are ultrasonic cleaning machine, automatic ultrasonic cleaning and drying line, high-pressure spray cleaning machine, hydrocarbon cleaning machine and other non-standard cleaning equipment engineering research and development production. The fields involved are: optical, photoelectric, hardware stamping, CNC processing, automotive, aviation, photovoltaic, cell phones, military and other fields of products ......


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Vacuum Hydrocarbon Cleaner

Vacuum hydrocarbon cleaning machine for small stamping sheet metal parts, hardware parts, electrical contacts, and other metal parts degreasing cleaning, to solve the stack, seam, shaped batch metal material parts cleaning!

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Vacuum Hydrocarbon Cleaner

Technology as the driving force, quality for survival.

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine

The automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for mass cleaning of auto parts, axles, auto sheet metal, stamping parts, stretching parts, etc. It cleans all kinds of processing oils such as stamping oil, stretching oil, cutting oil, and all kinds of stains.

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Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine

SMT Stencil Cleaning Machine

Stencil cleaning machine for SMT stencil, copper net adhesion of solder paste red glue cleaning, the use of environmentally friendly water-based cleaning machine, than the traditional pneumatic type cleaning machine to save money.

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SMT Stencil Cleaning Machine

Lithium battery cleaning machine

The cleaning, passivation coating and drying process of QT650 are all done in the closed working chamber; it is suitable for cleaning parts of 18650, 26650, 33750 and other column-shaped bodies.

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Lithium battery cleaning machine

Spray washing machine

Engine case single-station spray washing machine

Widely used in the volume and weight of castings, hardware, etc. degreasing, dust cleaning, such as engines, large bearings, heavy industrial processing parts, etc.

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Automotive Industry

Motor Motor Parts Industry

Cell phone industry

Aviation Industry

Hardware stamping

Photovoltaic industry


The fields are: optical, photoelectric, hardware stamping, CNC processing, automotive, aviation, photovoltaic, cell phone, military, etc.


With years of experience in the automation equipment industry, we continue to improve and enhance our bold investment in technology development and product quality, equipment performance and precision in order to meet the requirements of the new era market, and we are able to provide new and existing customers with one-stop solutions for one-stop cleaning machine automation equipment.

With long-term accumulated experience, we have trained a group of technical engineers and have our own R&D team, which can customize different non-standard automatic cleaning machines according to different needs of customers.

Jinbang has established a perfect after-sales service system, providing attentive service and implementing product quality tracking service to eliminate your worries.

We visit our customers regularly. We listen to customers' suggestions and opinions so that we can better serve all customers.

We specialize in the production of automatic ultrasonic cleaning equipment, semi-automatic ultrasonic cleaning equipment, all kinds of non-standard cleaning lines and demonstration-type cleaning machines. We are also always strict with ourselves in this way. We look forward to providing you with comprehensive on-site solutions and perfect products and services.

Customized for your different needs

More than 20 years of craftsmanship inherited the quality of fine work

We strictly follow international and national standards for safe production

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Service Hotline86 189 3858 1666

Wealth Hotline86 136 0235 0658

Company email: dgjwcsb2008@163.com

AddressNo.213 Zengxi Road, Zengpo Tongbian, Chashan Town, Dongguan City

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