After Sales Service


JINBON staff provides all the details needed to prepare the on-site equipment installation to the on-site construction personnel.

Jimbang staff installs the equipment on site at the customer's plant until it is operating properly.


During installation, we provide training on site for operators at the buyer's plant, which includes normal operation, maintenance, analysis of operational problems and emergency handling procedures.

3.Equipment delivery and after-sales technical service

Guangdong Jinbang can provide a file of equipment installation, operation and maintenance, and technical support for operation training.

After the equipment is delivered and used, we provide a one-year warranty and lifelong service, with no compensation for damage to parts caused by non-human operating errors. After one year, the supplier will continue to provide lifetime technical service. We will provide a copy of the warranty, indicating the effective date of the warranty, the scope of coverage and our contact person.

We guarantee to respond to the buyer's request for maintenance service within 4 working hours, and to solve the problem within 24 working hours, except in special cases.


We are responsible for the packaging and transportation of the equipment.

Contact information

Service Hotline:86 189 3858 1666

Wealth Hotline:86 136 0235 0658

Company email:

Address:No.213 Zengxi Road, Zengpo Tongbian, Chashan Town, Dongguan City

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