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  • Dongguan hydrocarbon cleaning machine how to remove oil and rust

    Dongguan Jinkeda professional R & D, production. Ultrasonic cleaning machine hydrocarbon cleaning machine, optical cleaning machine, hardware cleaning machine and other cleaning equipment. More than ten years of professional technical team, strong technical force equipment components using high-quality electronic components, raw materials, and the introduction of Europe and the United States, Japan and other advanced technology, automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, small ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine principle, Dongguan Jinkeda Ultrasonic Equipment Co.

  • Do you know the history of the development of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine?

    Since the 1980s, China's industry began to develop rapidly, various industries are in a budding state, in the reform and opening up of the frontier cities, it is a prosperous scene, because China has experienced the Cultural Revolution and other catastrophes, many industries are now stagnant state, a hundred waste to be revived, some manufacturing factories came into being. With the development of industry, the factory production of products through many links production, during the production of a variety of dirt, cleaning is a relatively troublesome thing, in the beginning, most factories are using manual cleaning, but, often the result is that the efficiency is low, the cleaning effect is very unsatisfactory, so some large enterprises, operation and management of the better companies, are from some developed countries (such as Japan, Germany, etc.) to buy Imported professional cleaning equipment to clean, these devices are then more

  • Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine with powerful cleaning power

    The improvement of the standard of living, the increase and expansion of machine factories, and the creation of various new machines. Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, a kind of use of power ultrasonic principle to achieve the purpose of cleaning. No longer worry about the oil and dirt in the tiny crevices, just use the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine can be cleaned. We also have oil and water separation and circulation filtration system, automatic manual operation mode, a more humane design concept.  Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine principle is mainly the transducer, the power ultrasonic frequency source of acoustic energy, and to be converted into mechanical vibration, through the cleaning tank wall so that it will be the tank in the cleaning liquid radiation to the ultrasonic. As a result of the radiation of ultrasound, so that the micro bubbles in the liquid in the tank can be under the action of sound waves thus maintaining vibration.

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