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  • Repair and maintenance of ultrasonic cleaning machine

    Ultrasonic cleaning machine repair and maintenance Ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly composed of ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic cleaning machine is made of lead zirconium titanate piezoelectric ceramic material sandwich type transducer, piezoelectric ceramic material has the phenomenon of size change under the action of electric field, the transducer will produce mechanical vibration under the action of alternating electric field. Ultrasonic transducer common problems: 1, ultrasonic vibrator moisture, you can use megohmmeter to check the plug connected to the transducer, which 2 feet for the positive pole of the ultrasonic transducer, 3 feet is the negative pole of the transducer and connected to the shell of the transducer. Check, 23 feet between the insulation resistance value can determine the basic situation, the general requirements of insulation resistance greater than 30 megohms or more. If the insulation resistance value is not reached, generally

  • Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine use precautions

    Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine precautions in many areas can use automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean items, because the cleaned items than manual cleaning of a higher degree of cleanliness, but to get a better quality of cleaning, we must not only follow the requirements to operate the procedures, but also need to understand the use of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine these precautions. 1. Basket in the use of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning some of the smaller parts of the items often need to use the cleaning basket, but the cleaning basket on the mesh will cause ultrasonic attenuation, so pay special attention to the choice of mesh size appropriate cleaning basket, in addition, it is recommended that the use of stainless steel cleaning basket, try not to use plastic frame, which can prevent the generation of static electricity.

  • Dongguan hardware cleaning machine power size

    Dongguan hardware cleaning machine power size Secondly, Dongguan hardware cleaning machine power is too large, Dongguan hardware cleaning machine cleaning strength is too strong, the stronger the damage to the surface of the workpiece will be, for the surface of the more fragile objects, you need to carefully consider the size of the power. Finally, the greater the power, the higher the price naturally, so do not blindly pursue high-power, should be considered from the perspective of economic and practical. Ltd. in the power to choose, the product line includes a household ultrasonic cleaning machine, commercial ultrasonic cleaning machine, industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine. Domestic and commercial ultrasonic frequency 40kHz, power in 50w; industrial ultrasonic power size use for cleaning objects different frequency 28kHz, 40kHz, power in 80w, 120w, 240w, 300w and so on different options.

  • The cleaning effect of Dongguan optical cleaning machine

    Dongguan optical cleaning machine cleaning effect Dongguan optical cleaning machine power size and cleaning effect should theoretically be proportional to the relationship, the greater the power of Dongguan optical cleaning machine, Dongguan optical cleaning machine cleaning effect is better, but not the greater the power, the better the cleaning effect. On the contrary, we have to correctly and reasonably choose the ultrasonic power of Dongguan optical cleaning machine. The higher the power, the more obvious the cavitation effect, will produce a large number of useless vapor bubbles, increase diffraction attenuation, the formation of sound barriers. At the same time the greater the sound intensity increases the nonlinear attenuation, will affect the cleaning effect of the parts to be cleaned away from the sound source. In addition, the cavitation corrosion of the cleaning vibration plate will also accelerate, resulting in Dongguan optical cleaning machine equipment life becomes shorte

  • Dongguan automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine of the basic application areas

    Dongguan automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine basic application areas Dongguan automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is used for what? Product features: can penetrate the fine crevices and small holes; relative to conventional cleaning methods much faster, cleaning efficiency and cleanliness; whether the cleaned parts are large or small, simple or complex, single or batch or in the automatic flow line, you can get manual cleaning incomparable uniformity of cleanliness. Therefore, the ultrasonic cleaning machine can be used in a wide range of industrial, commercial, household, office and other fields. Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine Dongguan automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine such as surface spraying treatment industry: (cleaning adherents: oil, mechanical chips, abrasives, dust, polishing wax).

  • Selection of Dongguan ultrasonic cleaning machine should pay attention to these matters

    Dongguan Jinbang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacture and service of ultrasonic precision cleaning machine equipment, pure water equipment, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, electroplating equipment and automatic environmental protection equipment.

  • What is automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine?

    What is automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine? Dongguan Jinkoda according to the deal customer cited automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning objects: glasses, jewelry, jewelry, bracelets, rings, hardware parts, auto parts, engines, bearings, test tubes, beakers, measuring cylinders, circuit boards, pcb boards, circuit boards, aluminum parts, copper parts, metal parts, etc.. Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for many industries, industrial, food, toys, and so on many. It can help customers to achieve good cleaning effect.

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